The Dines Letter 2020 Annual Forecast Issue

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  • $125,000 into $1 million

    "I turned 65, I lost my job and my wife died. I took my retirement funds and after several false starts, subscribed to The Dines Letter. You enabled me to take roughly $125,000 and turn it into $1 million after taxes."

    —SR, New York

  • Mr Dines saw it coming

    "Way back in 2004 - 2005, you were the only person who stuck his neck out far enough to correctly predict 'The Coming Real-Estate Crash of 2007.' For those of us who want to learn to fish and not just be fed dinner, please continue to write as much as possible in every issue of The Dines Letter. Thank you."

    —Susan Valenta, Idaho



The Dines letter uses a time-tested, unique, and comprehensive set of tools for providing a winning investment strategy, including:

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Our Specialty Is
Super-Major Bull Markets:

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