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James Dines, truly a living legend, is one of the most accurate and highly regarded investment analysts today. Now learn how "The Original Rare Earth Bug" can lead you to even greater profits in Rare Earth Metals in the coming months.

Few others have inspired normally conservative Barron's to call one of his predictions "one of the most fantastic investment calls on record."

Or Moneyline to call Mr Dines "one of the most extraordinary men in America today; a man with a long and glorious reputation in being one of the first people to call the real turns in the strategic moves that happened in our marketplaces over the years."

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  • $125,000 into $1 million

    "I turned 65, I lost my job and my wife died. I took my retirement funds and after several false starts, subscribed to The Dines Letter. You enabled me to take roughly $125,000 and turn it into $1 million after taxes."

    —SR, New York

  • Mr Dines saw it coming

    "Way back in 2004 - 2005, you were the only person who stuck his neck out far enough to correctly predict 'The Coming Real-Estate Crash of 2007.' For those of us who want to learn to fish and not just be fed dinner, please continue to write as much as possible in every issue of The Dines Letter. Thank you."

    —Susan Valenta, Idaho

  • A financial bounty!

    "My wife and I have been subscribers for almost 1 year. It has been the most electrifying year of my life because of the financial bounty that has eluded me for the previous 69. Assuredly, The Dines Letter has been the vehicle that enabled our fortunes to soar, and I am at a total loss as to how to properly express my gratitude and thanks."

    —Margaret and Irvin Schueler, Texas


The Dines Letter FAQ

  1. Why should I subscribe to The Dines Letter?

    Mr Dines has an unequaled record of correct forecasts. If you want to protect your wealth throughout the volatile years to come, and to continue to grow your investments, there is no better resource.
  2. What will I get with The Dines Letter that I won't get from other investment newsletters or advisors?

    Number one, of course, is the unequaled record of correct calls so that you'll rarely be surprised by a market turn—big or small. Besides that, you get an in-depth explanation of world events and politics and how they affect your investments, which no other advisor comes close to equaling. You also get a portfolio of recommended stocks that is kept up-to-date; specific buy, sell and hold recommendations; a review of what other commentators are currently saying and Mr Dines' response; plus easy-to-read charts and graphs. As a bonus, you get Mr Dines' always-interesting-to-read commentaries, full of "Dinesisms" and witticisms that you'll never see elsewhere. If you want to have a clear sight of what's ahead, a winning portfolio and a good time keeping up with it all, The Dines Letter is your best choice.
  3. After I subscribe to The Dines Letter, when will I get my first issue?

    With your paid subscription you are rushed an "Introductory Kit" (which includes 2 FREE back issues) after your order is processed, so that you get up-to-date right away. It will be emailed to email subscribers, or sent to postal mail subscribers. It might then take 2 to 3 weeks before you receive the first issue of your subscription.

  4. Can I get my Introductory Kit by email?

    Yes, if you selected to receive The Dines Letter by email. You will surely want to keep this valuable information as a hard copy for future reference. Please review your Introductory Kit periodically, since many of your questions are answered there.

  5. Can I get my Dines Letter by email?

    Yes, The Dines Letter is sent via an email containing a link where you can download TDL in PDF format (which requires Adobe Reader to open). You can download the Adobe Reader for free at

  6. How long should it take to switch my Dines Letter subscription from hard copy to email transmission?

    Switching from the hard copy of TDL to the email version means you'll get your newsletter even faster, so you can catch up with the market immediately. Switching takes some time to process, so please be prepared to receive a hard copy until the actual switch.

  7. What happens when my email issue is returned to The Dines Letter as "undeliverable"?

    When your Dines Letter email is returned as "undeliverable," The Dines Letter will automatically be mailed to you—along with what was returned to TDL, for your examination—so please check and correct the situation with your service provider. Then let TDL know by email that the situation has been resolved and that you are ready to receive email again.

  8. How do I open my Dines Letter?

    Simply click the link in the email we send you to download the Letter, which can then be clicked open and saved.

  9. How do I change my address or other information in my personal profile?

    When contacting TDL to change your address or other information, please include your old address, new address, name, and whether it is for TDL, IWB, or both. Please allow adequate time for processing. Making address changes directly on this website would take effect much faster. Click here to change your address online.

  10. When do I need to renew my Dines Letter subscription in order not to miss an issue?

    If you wish to renew your subscription, please do so urgently the moment you receive your renewal notice, in order to avoid possible interruption of service, as it takes time to process.

  11. Which other service is offered besides The Dines Letter?

    You may also subscribe to the Interim Warning Bulletin (IWB) as "insurance" for coverage in-between issues of The Dines Letter. This is the best way to make sure that you never miss an immediate "Buy" or "Sell" call. This is a separate service from TDL. Click here to learn more about the Interim Warning Bulletin.

  12. If I email a question, when should I expect a response?

    All questions are normally answered in the order received. If your email requires a response, you will receive one in a timely manner depending on market volatility. Sometimes a question is included in TDL's "Letters to the Editor" column, and subsequently answered there. Please specify if you do not wish your name and location included. TDL is busy concentrating on the markets, so we especially appreciate it when you add, "No reply required," as necessary. We never respond to questions about your specific personal stocks, as per government rules.

  13. Since I haven't received an immediate response to my emailed question, should I also call your Toll-Free number?

    No. If you have emailed TDL, be assured that your message was received. We know you're eager to receive your answer, and will make every effort to hurry it to you, but market analysis and the newsletter's production take priority over everything. The Toll-Free number only takes subscription orders, and would not be able to help.

  14. Why have you charged me twice?

    Oops! If you ordered by email, and then called our Toll-Free number, you might have accidentally entered two orders. Please alert us immediately and we will make sure you are only charged once!