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—Duane Gainsburg, Florida

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Interim Warning FAQ

  1. Why should I subscribe to the Interim Warning Bulletin?

    The market is more volatile than it has ever been. That means markets can change suddenly, and Mr Dines wants to make sure you hear about every investment decision you need to make while there's still time to profit, or to protect your assets. The Dines Letter focuses more on global investment issues, while the Interim Warning Bulletin alerts you to immediate decisions you need to make, when waiting till your next Dines Letter issue comes.
  2. After I subscribe to the Interim Warning Bulletin, when will I get online?

    After having subscribed to the Interim Warning Bulletin you should be online (or, on fax/mail) within a few weeks after processing.
  3. What happens when my email issue of the Interim Warning Bulletin is returned as "undeliverable"

    When your Interim Warning Bulletin email or fax is returned to us as "undeliverable," it will automatically be mailed to you, along with the electronic explanation of your undeliverable status. That way, you'll know exactly what the problem was. Please clear it with your service provider and email us the results.

  4. How often will I get an Interim Warning Bulletin?

    How often you get an Interim Warning Bulletin will depend entirely on the market. Sometimes warnings come in quick succession, and at other times, you might not see one for weeks at a time. The service is based only on alerting you when there is an action that you need to take for your portfolio, so you will never be bothered with anything but urgent messages. In the past, they have averaged around 20 to 30 a year.

  5. How do I change my address or other information in my personal profile?

    When contacting TDL to change your address or other information, please include your old address, new address, name and whether it is for TDL, IWB or both. Please allow adequate time for processing. Making address changes directly on this website would take effect much faster. Click here to change your address online.

  6. When do I need to renew my subscription to the Interim Warning Bulletin in order not to miss an issue?

    If you wish to renew your subscription, please do so urgently the moment you receive your renewal notice, in order to avoid possible interruption of service, as it takes time to process.

  7. Why have you charged me twice?

    Oops! If you ordered by email, and then called our Toll-Free number, you may have accidentally entered two orders. Please alert us immediately and we will make sure you are only charged once!