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"I just wanted to pass on my sincere gratitude to Mr Dines for the wonderful piece of work I recently purchased from your website, “Secrets of High States.” This work is an absolute masterpiece and one that should be in the hands of as many people, particularly kids, as possible to help shape a better future for all.

This type of information and knowledge can really impart generational change on our society if its message reaches and is heeded by enough people. I’m doing my best to spread the word.

I would like to also express my thanks for interviews he has conducted on KingWorldnews.com (where I first learned about Mr Dines - thanks to Eric King) and more recently on ChrisMartenson.com. I have learned much from what Mr Dines has to say and really respect his philosophy and view on the myriad of subjects he has discussed.

A man like this deserves much credit for his work, although I am sure he has had many hundreds of testimonials over the year. His work will live on forever"

-Joe Rocca, Australia

Table of Contents of Secrets of High States


Introduction: What are High States?

High-State Rewards

Low-State Punishments

State A. Truths and Lies, Completion and Confusion

State B. Paradox as One of the Great Secrets of Life and Irony as Its Punishment (DINOPA)

State C. The High State of Service

State D. Keeping Agreements – Prioritization and Procrastination

State E. Objective Observations (HOBJOB)

State F. Everybody Succeeds; Profiting from Blame and Taking Responsibility

State G. Acceptance and Forgiveness

State H. Seeking Knowledge and Making Assumptions

State I. Respect, Gratitude, and Mutual Supportiveness

State J. Appreciation and Opportunity

State K. Communication

State L. Hoping, Expecting, Wishing, and Thinking Positively

State M. Taking One Day at a Time, Futureloitering, and Pastloitering: Expectations Are a Low State

State N. Work and Laziness

State O. Desires, Hyperneeding, Jealousy, False Righteousness, Pride, and Humility

State P. Pure Love and Marriage

State Q. Suppression and Control

State R. Fear

State S. Fairness

State T. Anger, Hate, and Revenge

State U. Laughter

State V. Perfectionism

State W. Dines’ Sixfold Path

State X. The Sixfold Path Leads to the High State of Spark