Interim Warning Bulletin

Protect your portfolio from market changes that occur between issues of The Dines Letter

The market has never been so volatile—and your investments have never been at such risk. That's why Mr Dines has started the Interim Warning Bulletin service.

The Dines Letter keeps you on top of long- and medium-range forecasts, with all the accompanying evidence and commentary that you've come to expect from Mr Dines.

Take closer control over
your portfolio

With the Interim Warning Bulletin service, you'll find out about important investment decisions you must make—when you need to make them. You'll have closer control over your portfolio, because your Interim Warning Bulletin will alert you immediately by fax or email.

As soon as market-changing events occur that would affect your portfolio, such as a foreign currency crisis, a technical analysis warning or another terrorist attack anywhere in the world, you'll hear about what you need to do to protect your portfolio. You'll get short-term guidance that helps you with immediate "buy" and "sell" decisions that could help you make—or protect—thousands of dollars at a time.

Don't miss out on spectacular profits!

For instance, if Mr Dines issues a "Sell" signal between issues of TDL, you need to know about it right away—not when you get your longer-range newsletter.

You also need to know about buying opportunities as soon as possible.

As "The Original Uranium Bug," Mr Dines has been tracking the uranium supply crisis since 2001. But on October 6, 2003—when the price of uranium was just $12.25—he issued an Interim Warning Bulletin alerting readers that "The Coming Uranium Bull Market" was steadily approaching.

If you had gotten in then with Bulletin subscribers, you'd still be reaping hefty rewards. Mr Dines announced a new uranium high of $29.50 in a July 2005 issue of Interim Warning Bulletin! And according to Mr Dines, the ride is not over yet. Subscribe now so you don't miss another big opportunity in uranium!

With The Dines Letter
and the Interim Warning Bulletin
service, your portfolio is 100% covered

The Interim Warning Bulletin service is an indispensable tool to add to your Dines Letter subscription. With The Dines Letter, you'll get global, long- and medium-range forecasts from Mr Dines' unique point of view—the point of view you'll never hear from other, less accurate forecasters.

But when you add the Interim Warning Bulletin, you'll also get the "insurance" of short-range, immediate investment recommendations that should help keep your portfolio growing, no matter what the rest of the market does.

You only get the
Interim Warning Bulletin
when you need to be alerted
to something important

When you get an Interim Warning Bulletin over your fax machine or email, you'll know there's something that needs your immediate attention.

Your subscription to the Interim Warning Bulletin service isn't based on getting two or ten or twelve warnings each month—it's based on getting only those warnings on which you need to take action.

Your subscription includes
Mr Dines and staff every market day

Your subscription includes Mr Dines and his expert staff watching the market every market day, tracking recommended investments, watching market signals, following earnings estimates and everything else it takes to manage a portfolio tightly.

So if a recommended stock's earnings are coming in less than expected—and so much less that it requires a "Sell" recommendation—you'll hear about it in an Interim Warning Bulletin.

Or if a bottom occurs in a specific index that signals an outstanding "Buy" opportunity, you'll hear about it in an Interim Warning Bulletin.

But if nothing happens that immediately affects the Dines recommended portfolio or the market in general, they won't bother you. The bigger, longer-range issues can wait until your triweekly Dines Letter.

The chance to be forewarned—and
forearmed—for only 1 dollar a day

Every day carries the potential for a critical market decision. And in order to find out first about critical events and important actions you must then make for your portfolio, you need only pay 1 dollar a day—less than your morning coffee.

You'll drink that coffee more easily knowing that Mr Dines is watching out for your best interests. Especially with the world's current volatility. From South America currency crises, to unrest in the Middle East, to corporate scandal, the world and national events that could shake your portfolio to the core just keep arriving.

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