Mass Psychology

Unfair Advantage!

How you can make money
using Mass Psychology

Get the edge over other investors by knowing how the mind of the market works.

Mass Psychology is hailed by Forbes Magazine as a "classic" because of Mr Dines' insights into why gamblers secretly want to lose—and how you can avoid that financial fate.

Discover how simple it is to avoid losses. Never before has Mass Psychology been applied to investing. But what you learn will open your eyes to new ways to make money and avoid losses that are so logical, so simple, that you'll wonder why no one had ever made the connection before.

It took James Dines, one of the most farsighted financial forecasters today, to finally understand how today's radical market swings can be traced to "mob mentality." All stock market action is a combination of Fundamental Analysis, Technical (Visual) Analysis and Mass Psychology—his Tripod Method.

Don't just see how a stock moves—
see how a market moves!

In this book, you'll learn how to add Mass Psychology to your own investment analysis. You'll learn why those who rely solely on earnings, dividends, quality of management and uptrends are destined to be blindsided time and again by surprising movements in the market.

More important, Mr Dines shows you how seeing these mechanisms, that others don't see, will help you stay on top of the market—no matter which way the market's moving.

Learn why the market crashes—so you
can move to safe investments!

There are times when the market crashes without any obvious change in the economy, as it did in 1962 and 1987. Neither Technical nor Fundamental Analysis could explain those downturns. But Mass Psychology could, and you'll be shocked at how easy those crashes are to exploit once you understand the Mass Psychology behind them.

Learn why investors lose money—and
how to avoid those losses from now on!

One of the oldest sayings on Wall Street is that the stock market will find your weakness and use it to destroy you.

Take a look at "The Dines' Mass Psychology Oscillator" from the Mass Psychology book and you'll see how most investors sabotage themselves without realizing it.

In this book, you'll learn to identify your own weaknesses. Then you'll learn strategies to overcome them and gain total control over your investing actions.

Serious investors should order Mass Psychology to protect their assets by making more profitable decisions.

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