Master Course Investment
Strategy Method

The first complete guide on how to survive and thrive in the next few years !

Studying the Master Course: Investment Strategy is the single most important action you could take to build a smart, safe portfolio for this year and beyond.

For the first time, James Dines has brought his complete investment survival strategy to the individual investor, outside of expensive, private conferences.

In it, you'll discover precisely what you need to do in order to preserve your wealth and still get top returns, in this four-videotape educational series.

You'll discover the real reason the world is in trouble today, and what to do about it.

There are profitable investments
that will keep you safe—
learn which ones they are

There are profitable investments that will keep you safe through the continuing crash. You'll discover which ones they are, and you'll see clear proof why they're going to rise.

You'll discover one investment that should be even bigger than gold through the next year.

You'll discover which event could be the trigger for the sudden market drop that takes the country even deeper into financial losses.

Plus, you'll discover exactly which actions you should have taken by that time. If you wait till the trigger event, you'll be too late.

Here are just some of the crucial strategies you'll learn:

  • The shocking truth about margin buys and short sells—and why you should treat them like a plague
  • How to avoid making the same mistake on silver that most investors are making in this market
  • Why Fundamental Analysis is a poor indicator of a stock's growth—and the little-known way you can analyze stocks with complete accuracy
  • How what Mr Dines defines as "future loitering" can be the single biggest reason you aren't reaching your investment goals
  • Why watching gold could help you protect your currency investments
  • What to never, ever do in a bear market rally—unless you're looking for tax losses
  • The no-fail secret formula for determining when an investment risk is worth taking
  • The essential first move to make at the first sign of inflation—and how not making that move immediately could risk 20% of your wealth
  • The super-easy, little-known way to make money from stock laggards
  • Why making investment decisions based on news reports could ruin your portfolio
  • The surprising dangers of "derivatives"
  • How to approach the stock market like an Olympic trainer and win the Gold
  • Why following the "Dines Sixfold Path" will help you reach investment enlightenment faster than any other method
  • What you must do when the first company names itself after any current boom
  • The definitive statement on what to do about your tech stocks; have they reversed their "Sell" signal of the year 2000 yet?

If you follow the crowd, when
the crowd gets out of stocks,
you'll be too late

By the time you see a bandwagon in the stock market—you'll be too late!

In The Dines Letter, Mr Dines might tell you to look at the Dow before making any investment decision.

But in the Master Course, he'll tell you how to look at the Dow. You'll learn how most investors, and even experienced analysts, read Dow charts incorrectly. Then you'll learn how you should be reading them. You'll be astonished at how clearly you can see what the charts are really telling you—simply, so that anyone could get it, especially absolute beginners.

You'll be able to look at the charts and see market sentiment, trends and countertrends, dangerous moves and smart choices. All while other investors are reading the same charts and going in the opposite direction!

See clear proof that certain
investments will drag you
down with them

In the Master Course, you'll also discover charts that show you amazing, clear proof that certain "safe investments" are headed straight toward losses. Even though you can pick up any newspaper, or turn on any financial program, and see happy analysts telling you these investments are set to skyrocket, you'll see in this Master Course presentation exactly why they're wrong.

This is the first time Mr Dines' new Master Course has ever been offered on DVD. Until now attendees have had to pay a great deal to attend specialized seminars. Brokerage houses have paid tens of thousands of dollars for Mr Dines to give less than this type of course to their professional analysts and forecasters!

Your price is just $249 for the entire educational course. At this price you should consider getting sets for loved ones, as well.

It's the single most important action you'll take to protect your wealth this year and beyond.

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