1001 Sidesplitting One-Liners

Laugh out loud to these remarkable insights to the human condition!

This 304-page book will give you valuable insights into investing and human nature. It is not often, however, that you get to learn valuable lessons while laughing out loud!

Written with his trademark dry wit, these one-liners and "wisdoms" are the result of Mr Dines' 30 years of having studied the human condition.

Find practical truth in humor

Rather than tell you in dry narrative that the stock market is a dangerous place for inexperienced investors, Mr Dines drives home that truth with the line, "We arrive in the world naked, and we leave the world naked...so stockbrokers are just doing God's work!"

See the foolishness of
our everyday life

Of course, not every entry carries such practical truth. Some just point out the foolishness of modern life, as in this maxim: "If the world were always logical, men would ride sidesaddle...and women's bikes!"

The perfect companion for speakers
and writers

This book is the perfect companion for anyone who ever has to speak before a crowd. Full of fresh quotes, you won't have to worry that your audience has heard them before!

1001 Sidesplitting One-Liners and Some Wisdoms isn't just for speakers. It's for anyone who enjoys a laugh and doesn't mind that the funniest part of life is just looking at ourselves! Mr Dines advises buyers never to lend this book—you aren't likely to get it back! Contains absolutely no insulting ethnic jokes.

Here are sample categories:

  • Advice
  • Anger
  • Baldness
  • Brain Teasers
  • Business
  • Children
  • Clinton
  • Comparing
  • Crime
  • Critics
  • Currencies
  • Dating
  • Debt
  • Denial
  • Diets
  • Divorce
  • Drinking
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Family
  • Fear
  • Finance
  • Friends
  • Future
  • Gamblers
  • Golf
  • Health
  • Immortality
  • Inflation
  • Insults
  • Investing/
  • Labor
  • Last Words
  • Lazy
  • Lies
  • Life
  • Luck
  • Marriage
  • Middle Age
  • Mining
  • Money
  • Mystery
  • Old Age
  • Opportunity
  • Optimism/
  • Pessimism
  • Paradox
  • Parents
  • Patience
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Stock Market
  • Religion
  • Respect
  • Retirement
  • Rumors
  • Sex
  • Speeches
  • Success
  • Taxes
  • Trends
  • Wisdom

NOTE: This book contains off-color material that might offend some readers.

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